His eyes fluttered open and light poured down on him. He squinted and moved his left hand in front of his eye. Why is it so bright? Suddenly his stomach dropped and for a second he thought he was staring at the sun out the window. His heart rate began to increase as he shoved … More Frostbite

Things I hate

I only hated three things in my life. The first was apple pie. Something about warm, soft apples seemed wrong. Even the smell made me gag. That was probably why thanksgiving was my least favorite holiday. I liked spending time with my family and all that, but then they would inevitably pull out the apple … More Things I hate


My eyelids felt extremely heavy as I tried to open them. My head was spinning as I finally pushed my way back into consciousness. I lifted my head up and blinked a few times so my eyes could get used to the light. My vision was blurry, but I tried to look around and figure … More Veins

Falling Leaves

I walked outside and stumbled down the steps. The sky was gray today and the sun was nowhere to be found. I walked out into the backyard to the big oak tree. Mommy told me not to climb the tree because it was dangerous. I’d tried it anyway. I didn’t get too far but my … More Falling Leaves